Stop wrestling themes
and get a real design

You scour the web to find the perfect theme for your startup. When you finally find it, you're excited. Then you start to implement. Hours later, while staring at a mismatched design that looks nothing like the theme you bought, you can't help but wonder how it went so wrong.

It seems safer to just use Bootstrap and leave your site looking like everyone else's. At least then you're not wasting time.

But there's a nagging voice in the back of your mind: design shouldn't be this hard.

You don't have to settle
for a patched-together design

Leverage the awesome power of design in a hackable front end framework. Get a completely custom design while Cascade does all the difficult design work for you. Choose from pre selected fonts, color schemes, logo styles, graphics, and page layouts that fit seamlessly because a designer set them up in advance. Use Cascade and you'll never wrangle artless themes again.

So, how is Cascade different from themes?


look great at first but end up causing so many headaches:


Get consistently beautiful results—even if you aren't good at design:

Cringe-worthy code

Every time you use a theme you waste hours fixing bugs. The code is a mess and it's difficult to work into your own setup without refactoring it. The time lost always outweighs the money saved.

Peer-reviewed code

Every line of code in Cascade is written by hand and then tested. Internal code reviews ensure Cascade is efficient and reusable, so your time and effort are never wasted using it.

Difficult to edit

A theme is like a house of cards. With one small edit, it all falls apart. You're left trying to salvage a decent design out of the mess, but the result doesn't look as good as you expected when you bought the theme.


Your design tool should be made for hacking. A spirit of customization is central to Cascade. Customize and hack to your heart's content. Or use it right off the shelf. Instead of barely stable, you get a tool that's made for builders.

Rarely fit your content

Themes never exactly fit your content, so you're forced to make changes. In the end, your site still looks cobbled together because your edits don't match the original design.

Modular layouts always fit

Achieving a custom layout to fit your content is as simple as copying and pasting blocks of HTML. Cascade's modular layouts fit any content and you can reorder as you need.

What about a logo?

Every theme displays a shiny logo, usually matching the name of the theme. You can't use it for your project. But that doesn't occur to you until after you buy and implement, when you realize that stock logo is still sitting there. Then you have to figure out how to replace it.

Unique logo styles & effects are included

Get a beautiful, unique logo. Just edit a couple variables and add your project name to the markup. Try variations (thousands are possible) until you find one you like. No Photoshop required—you get to work in code.

A neverending search for mismatched design assets

Each theme only provides one layout, but your business has more than one page. So you end up trying to find several themes. But they were designed separately, and don't match. Which means each page on your site looks different. That's hardly the impression you want to make.

Layouts for every page and site that always match

Get matching designs for every new page you build and every site related to your business. Using Cascade is like having a designer create a bunch of custom page designs just for you. Everything is set up in advance by a designer to Just Work.

You're never abandoned to ponder the mysteries of design alone

Cascade is a substantial framework, composed of 45 LESS files and numerous other assets, but you're never alone to wander through it all. Every option comes with detailed design reasoning.

  • Built on LESS and Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Responsive Design
  • Modular, Block-Based Layouts
  • Incredibly Varied Logo Options
  • Curated Color Schemes
  • Pre-selected Font Pairings
  • Custom Graphics

Browse the documentation to learn more.

No one will ever
suspect you
didn't hire a

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